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Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

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CAS number: 6131-90-4

Molecular formula: CH3COONa.3H2O; C2H3NaO2.3(H2O)
Molecular Weight: 136.08

Sodium acetate trihydrate is a kind of colorless, odorless crystal, soluble in water and ethanol, slightly soluble in acetic. Special gravity: 1.45, melting point: 58°C.


Items Food Grade
Main Content (CH3COONa.3H2O) 99%-101%
Free Akali 0.12%Max.
Kali Salt 0.01%Max.
Heavy metal as Pb 0.0005%Max.
Arsenic as As 0.0001%Max.
Free moisture 1%Max.

Items Tech Grade
Main Content (CH3COONa) 58%-60%
Insoluble substance in water 0.04%Max.
Free Akali 0.03%Max.
Chloride 0.04%Max.
Iron(Fe) 0.002%Max.

In 25kg pp woven bags with plastic liner.

Sodium acetate trihydrate is used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, dyes, and photographical preparations, as well as a main raw material for manufacturing sodium diacetate.

MSDS: Available when required.

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